From the photographer: “The little crescent shaped you can see here isn’t the Moon, rather it’s Venus as observed in daytime. Venus is in fact is so bright that you can see it even when the Sun is above the horizon. If you know where to find it!

This photo was snapped near noon on January 8, 2022. Venus’ inferior conjunction of 2022 had occurred a few hours earlier, so again it was almost exactly between the Sun and the Earth. On this day, however, Venus was only 5 degrees away from the solar disk. I was able to detect it with a binoculars and photograph it by hiding the Sun behind some statues placed atop the Church of Santa Maria del Buon Consiglio in Naples, (Italy). Here it is next to the face of s. Catherine’s statue.”

Technical details: Nikon 42x camera; Coolpix 510; 4.3; 180mm 1:3-5.9; ISO 100; 1/1250 second exposure – single-exposure, Camera wasn’t attached to telescope.



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