Multiple Exposure image. On the Anakena Beach on Easter Island, I was looking up at these amazing Moai and praying for some breaks in the dark clouds. I didn’t have long to stay here because showers were on the way. So in desperation, while I waited, I clicked the shutter every 30 seconds or so until I captured a few images that revealed the stars that were hiding. Instead of letting nature defeat me that night, I decided to blend the images with clear breaks together to create this slightly bigger view of the stars that you see over the Moai. Now you can at least see a part of the beautiful constellation of Orion peeking through with the red giant star Betelgeuse, the hot blue star Bellatrix and the faint red nebulosity that is part of the Barnard’s Loop.

Canon 6D, Sigma ART 24mm @f1.4, ISO6400 20 seconds (two shots are blended to get more clear sky), Optolong Clear Sky Filter



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