Virtual Reality video of 360° panorama images of stunning night sky scenes, in 5 places, each for 1 minute, accompanied with relaxing ambient music and nature sounds. Move around, explore the earth and sky, and feel the joy and awe of being under the starry sky. About the images:

1- Rockies Winterscape, Colorado: A late November moonlit night, standing on a frozen lake and facing the iconic Maroon Bells peaks of Rocky Mountains.

2- Cosmic Reflections, California: A very clam summer night at a High Sierra lake. The galaxy reflection on the water looked a like a portal to the entire universe. The water surface diffuses the image and reveal more star colors. The dazzling orange star in the sky is planet Mars at its closest to the Earth.

3- Storm of Colors, Iceland: A very strong colorful aurora display over the Atlantic waters, following a major solar eruption. Look overhead where a spectacular aurora crown is formed at zenith. The northern lights started in twilight, lighting the sky in purple and green, casting shadows, and dominated the entire night.

4- Mars On Earth, Atacama Desert, Chile: The air transparency and lack of dust and air pollution in this high altitude dry environment make it possible to clearly see the Milky Way even when the moon is in the sky (40% moon phase). Looking to the ground you almost feel like being on the Red Planet but under the Earth sky.

5- Grand Canyon in Moonlight, Arizona: The longest canyon on Earth appears at midnight under last quarter moon. The Grand Canyon is carved by the Colorado River in the past several million years. Jupiter is the brightest point in the sky. Next to Jupiter are stars of Taurus, the Bull, Pleiades star cluster, and below them is constellation Orion.

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