An evening outside the Russian Orthodox Church in Ninilchik, Alaska. As noted by the photographer “The auroras were softly dancing in the sky that night, but had pulled back to the north for a while. It was easy to hope that they would pick up again and move closer into view, that the time would come for their return. Hoping that the darkness would be filled with light. And what stood between the darkness and the light that night was the church. Light on one side, darkness on the other. Often with religions, it is what only stands between the darkness and the light. Most religions it seems carry a message of a time that will come, when the darkness will yield to the light, that the darkness will be pushed away. So it was that evening waiting and hoping for the auroras to fill the sky, to take away the darkness. But there was a story to be told in the waiting, in the hoping. Yes, waiting for the time that will come. Waiting for a time when the darkness will be pushed away. The time will come.”



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