‏In native Amboseli language “Kimana” means coming back to a place again.
The magic of Amboseli fascinates me so much that I always keep the dream of returning again, as the masai people say.
The goal of my fourth trip to Kenya and the third to Amboseli National Park was to capture images of wildlife active at night.
Specially to photograph the bush Elephants, as the largest species of African animals and the largest land-dwelling mammal.
In this panoramic photo taken with a 50mm lens with a lot of effort, multiple shifts and taking into account the element of luck outside the safe space of the camp, elephants, Kilimanjaro Peak, large and small Magellanic Clouds, Vela supernova remnant and wide air glow. All can be seen in the picture.
As a night and nature photographer to see all these elements in one frame and record them together, that smile, the experience of excitement and the feeling of joy was the purest thing I could have experienced at that moment.
Another important point in the image is the increase in light pollution in the border area of ​​Kenya and Tanzania with blue and white LEDs that really shocked me.



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