Night sky photography is not only about recording a part of the outer space. It leads you a life of adventures. It becomes a lifestyle. You start working when others enjoy parties, watch TV, or sleep. But like the explorers of new worlds you will be gifted by unique experiences to share with others. Some scenes are forever-engraved moments in my memory. From the boundless darkness of African Sahara when the summer Milky Way was arching above giant sandstones to the shimmering beauty of the Grand Canyon under moonlight, or heavenly curtains of dancing aurora over Lapland, and crystal clear skies of the Himalayas. This was a wonderful night in an annual stargazing retreat in Maine, a few hours north of Boston. The field was filled with telescopes of all sizes and people were sharing the views of planets, galaxies, and nebulae; a typical night atmosphere of a “star party”. I was using a telephoto lens on a star tracking mount for long exposures, to reveal deep sky objects. Learn more about this program: Soundtrack: Fragmented Future by Max Pfetscher & Ali Raini of



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