From the photographer: “The 5-minute music video features the the aurora borealis captured in still images, panoramas, all-sky images, time-lapse videos, and … in real-time videos!
All scenes are from the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (, near Churchill, Manitoba, on the shore of Hudson Bay at a latitude of 58° North. Churchill’s location places it under the usual location of the auroral oval, providing spectacular displays of Northern Lights even on nights when locations to the south are seeing nothing. Temperatures ranged from a bitter -35° C to just (!) -15° C on most nights. I kept the long-duration, all-sky, time-lapse camera going by placing it in a Camera Parka ( and inserting disposable hand warmer packs inside the insulated parka. It worked very well, making it possible to shoot for up to 3 hours. Without it, the battery died after an hour. Music is by one of my favourite artists, John Adorney, the selection If a Rose Could Speak, from his 2013 album The Wonder Well. It features vocals by Daya. The selection is used by kind permission from EverSound Music (” © Alan Dyer



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