A photo composite of multiple exposures. From the photographer: “As the milky way was rising and the Cygnus and Lyra constellations appeared in the night sky, I thought that was a good chance to capture the Summer Triangle. The Summer Triangle is an astronomical asterism in the northern celestial hemisphere. The defining vertices of this imaginary triangle are Altair, Deneb, and Vega, each of which is the brightest star of its constellation (Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra, respectively). There were some interesting rock formations in the distance, that became an excellent foreground for my frame. In order to enhance the three brighter stars of the asterism, I used a diffuser filter in front of the lens for half of the duration of the exposure. The result would have been much better and more pleasing though if I had a camera that was able to capture more colour of the Hydrogen-alpha emission nebulae. Move the slider on the image to show/hide the labels and lines of this asterism.”

Technical details: Blended Exposures



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