A 360° panorama of the landscape and skyscape at Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada, taken August 25, 2014. The Milky Way arches overhead from south to north at right, and the last vestiges of twilight light the western sky at left, providing a natural backdrop for the silhouette of the photographer gazing wistfully into the distance! Some green bands of airglow also light the sky, but only a few farm lights from outside the boundaries of the Park mar the landscape in this darkest of Dark Sky Preserves in Canada. I shot this from the Eagle Butte Loop Trail at the end of the 70 Mile Butte road. Sagittarius and the center of the Galaxy is at far right, the Big Dipper is above the person.

This is a stitch of 9 sections, each shot with the 14mm lens in portrait orientation, and each exposure 80 seconds at ISO 3200 at f/2.8, untracked. Stitched with PTGui in equirectangular projection.



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