From the photographer: “Nestled within the rugged peaks of Montana’s Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park is a natural utopia cherished for its magnificent landscapes and abundant biodiversity. Among its many gems lies the famous Road to the Sun, a picturesque winding highway that traverses this majestic wilderness. Offering breathtaking panoramas and access to countless trails and hidden wonders, this iconic route attracts millions of visitors every year. 

From our 1 week travel from Alaska, we were so tired already, and much to our surprise when we arrived to Glacier National Park in Montana the glaciers in Glacier National Park already melted in July 2023, and we witnessed it with our own eyes.

Regrettably, the glaciers in Glacier National Park have steadily diminished over the decades due to the adverse effects of global climate change. The glaciers’ alarming retreat is predominantly attributed to rising temperatures, resulting in accelerated melting rates. The year 2023 has witnessed this depletion reach a critical threshold, causing the glaciers to vanish earlier in the summer season.

Glacier National Park’s glaciers have historically served as important indicators of our changing climate. Experts estimate that by 2030, these once magnificent ice formations will cease to exist entirely, forever altering the Park’s unique ecosystem and impacting the delicate balance of local flora and fauna.

I saw the sun drifting already to the other side of the mountain and dark is crawling so I said to my husband that I want to capture this Road to the Sun with the stars and moon and titled it “Road to the Moon”

Visiting Glacier National Park in July 2023 offers a bittersweet experience; while the absence of glaciers serves as a stark reminder of our planet’s fragility, it also highlights the urgency to address climate change and preserve our natural wonders for future generations.

In conclusion, the Road to the Sun in Glacier National Park is a symbol of both the park’s unparalleled beauty and the devastating effects of climate change. The current disappearance of glaciers in July 2023 serves as a wake-up call, urging us to take immediate action in order to protect and conserve the precious natural resources that remain in this exquisite corner of the world. Just look at this Road to the Moon image it might convey your immediate action. Let us protect this breathtaking place!”



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