From the photographer: “I suspect many of astro-photographers were clouded out for the eclipse. I was too, about half an hour after I shot this, during the final partial phase at moonrise from my longitude. As it was, I had to chase 3 hours east to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in southeast Alberta, right on the Saskatchewan border, to get any chance. Cypress Hills is a Dark Sky Preserve, though not a World Heritage Site.
And it played out exactly as predicted by the cloud maps – a clear band of sky to the southeast as the Moon rose but increasing clouds moving in from the west which soon covered the Moon more or less as totality began. But it was this twilight shot with the deep partially eclipsed Moon low over the lake that I wanted. More would have been nice! I do have more single frame shots to come.
This was from Reesor Lake, where I have shot from many times before. So I knew it would offer a good vantage point and sightline, confirmed with Photographer’s Ephemeris and TPE 3D. “
Technical details: A 3 segment panorama with the Canon Ra and RF70-200 at 83mm. Having the zoom lens was great for getting variations on framing in a short time.



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