The 2016 Perseid meteor shower in August captured from Namibia. This photo composite shows the shower peak activity over the course of two nights. Meteors are caught on various frames of the sequence and superimposed to a single shot to show the diversity and the actual place of the meteors in the sky. From the photographer: “It is obtained from Sesriem in the Namib Desert, at latitude of 25° S. The radiant is near the horizon with some long trails of meteors projecting tens of degrees in the sky due to the meteoric grazing position in the sky. The image is a combination of pictures (each 30s exposure with a 15 mm fisheye lens) taken during the nights of maximum (Aug11-12 and 12-13), extracting Perseids from over 1,000 photos and compensating the Earth’s rotation to show the effect of perspective of Perseid meteor shower. Notable on the right is the zodiacal light that extends to the zodiacal band across the sky.”



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