From the photographer: “In the week before the quadruple grouping of the Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn, weather forecast for 27th March 2022 was okay, while 28th did not look good. So, I shot the planets with the Moon from Uludağ NP on 27th. Then, the forecast for 28th improved somehow, showing clear skies for the morning. Thus, I woke up early again. This time I drove to Çepni village, sitting close to hill about 500 meters of elevation, about 30 km to the northwest of Bursa.

On the way to the hilltop, there was a muddy section of the road, virtually blocking access. I decided to leave the car there and improvise something around the area. A large oak tree standing alone in a field turned out to provide the best scenery. This is in fact something I always seek, but the vegetation in our area is generally richer and you don’t get single trees very often.

So, here they are, Saturn, Venus, Mars and the Moon rising at dawn, forming a compact and attractive foursome over the oak and the distant lights of Bursa.”



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