From the photographer: “I finally chase my dream! I grew up from a farmers family. I live at the hinterland in the Philippines. So when I went to school during my elementary education my mother usually woke me up at about 2:30AM so I can take a bath to the 1 kilometer spring and take my breakfast and go to school. It was tough but it I was not born with a silver spoon. School ended up at 4:30PM and I walked again 7 kilometers going home. Sometimes I became frightened of the dark, but I always ask the stars to guide me. They were my companion, they lighted my way, and gave me strength. Then when I arrive home I just take my dinner and study for 2-3 hours and before going to sleep I usually look at the holes of our Nipa Hut and watch again the stars and sometimes I dream of them.

Now, my husband provided me with telescope so I can see beyond what the naked eye can see…the mysterious deep dark sky. The person you see in this image is me, we travelled from Minnesota to Arizona in winter time so I can manipulate my telescope and capture more deep dark sky beauty. It is truly amazing, I am always in awe upon seeing what I captured through the use of the telescope. I never imagine that there is a Kaleidoscope of colors in the deep dark sky (the bland dark sky as our naked eye sees it). It so funny though when I first handle my telescope, I was nervous and don’t know where to start. What I knew only was I have deep love with the stars and I feel like I belong with them and slowly I realized that I am chasing my dream!”



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