From the photographer: “In the middle of September 2022 we had a heat wave in Turkey. Unlike the ones in July and August, it was most welcome, as it was over 30 degrees during day and around 20 degrees at night. So I decided to drive and trek to my favourite peak in Uludağ, the spot I have frequented nearly every summer since 2010. I was meaning to go there earlier in the summer, but the phase of the Moon and slam dunk clear skies did not coincide. As this spot needs a 40-km drive (taking around 1.5 hours) and a 5-km trek (another 1.5 hours), I do seek everything to come together.

This is the view of the southern sky, as seen from my spot in the peaks ridge of Uludağ NP, at an elevation of 2539 meters. Early in the evening, the bulge of the Milky Way is visible for a short time in the southwest, Saturn is its highest due south while Jupiter shines bright in the southeast. As a bonus, fainter Neptune is also visible a few degrees to the west of Jupiter, as it can be spotted in the annotated picture.”



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