From the photographer: “During my recent trip to the peninsula of Mani, I had the chance to capture some nightscape images at one of the darkest places in Greece. The low amount of light pollution makes it a Bortle class 2 place, an astrophotography paradise. One day before the shoot, we went there for a ride just to ensure that there wasn’t anything distracting in the view we checked on the internet. When we arrived, I realized that this would be one of the best places ever to capture the night sky. I took some snapshots, and we left. The next night we arrived during twilight, and then the job started. I had two frames in my mind; this was the first and the most important one, so I focused on the shoot, enjoying this amazing view in combination with amazing company and good music.

1. This image was captured close to cape Tainaro (the southernmost point of mainland Greece) during the astronomical twilight, an ideal time of the day for landscape astrophotography.

2. The second photo is captured from the same spot on the same day during the nighttime. In this image, I decided not to use a diffuser filter in order to have all the details in the night sky.”



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