A photo composite of multiple exposures. From the photographer: “Many travelers consider the Maldives as one of the most beautiful places in the world. White sandy beaches, such warm sunlight, azure lagoons, amazing underwater life, local fruit, and, of course, coconut. But if you visit some of the islands which don’t use too much artificial light in the nighttime, you can be even more surprised–by the dark sky beauty. Here is photographic proof from Thoddoo Island, over which the majestic Zodiacal Light crosses the Milky Way with some of the emission nebulae around the Orion constellation (unfortunately, for them our eyes are not sensitive enough, but can easily be captured on a camera). If places like these will keep the light pollution at a low level, they truly remain a paradise in all possible ways! Click the second photo for  a wider view.”

Technical details: Canon Ra, Samyang 24mm, f2.2, ISO 8000, 49x15s panorama from a tripod.



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