In this moonlit night from a remote spot of Lut Desert in southeast Iran polar stars of Ursa Major and Minor appear above this vast salt desert, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s driest and hottest places.

From the photographer: “I’ve been dreaming for so many years to experience such a feeling, staying in a place where you would feel every beat of your heart, touching your soul by holding your breath. It seems the time is freezing like the stagnant of a picture. When I look at this picture, I realize it’s not a photo and I am standing inside it, under the softness of moonlight, upon the ancient face of this wonderland, as if l am the only moving creature on this land. A land which is alive while being still, more alive and far more ancient than us, one of the most untouched places on Earth, a land which has past the phases of erosion from the moment of birth on this planet without the touch of any intelligent life and now has opened its safe arms for me.”



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