The summer Milky Way appears dazzling in dark starry sky of the Yellowstone National Park, a World Heritage Site in Wyoming, USA. The three bright stars of the Summer Triangle (Vega, Altair, and Deneb) are on the upper left. At the tail of constellation Cygnus, the celestial Swan, next to bright star Deneb (the left corner of the triangle) is a red cloud known as the North America Nebula. At the upper left corner is IC 1396, a less known fainter but large emission nebula in Cepheus. See the second image for closer view of the river and the bright central bulge of the Milky Way towards constellation Sagittarius. Note the green cast above the horizon which is natural emission of the Earth upper atmosphere, visible colorless to human eyes under dark skies. Down on the Earth is the Kepler Cascades; a waterfall in the Firehole River. Preserved by the government since 1872 the Yellowstone is the world’s earliest established national park, known for its wildlife and geothermal features.

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