From the photographer: “This is a 6 image aerial panorama of planet Jupiter and Corn Moon or Full Moon taken when they are about reach the horizon of Lake Hennepin to set after a long journey of the wonderful space of planet Earth. 

I waited for the whole night just to capture this view of our Lake Hennepin with the full moon shining in it and the Planet Jupiter on top of the moon and of course the low lying fogs as it crawl slowly and gently under the moonshine over the lake ohh it is so magical. Lake Hennepin is just a small lake full of wildlife like Loons the state bird of Minnesota. Nothing is quite so symbolic of summertime in this pristine place. While I capture this scene the busy Canadian Geese are honking like they know that “intruder is here” warning everyone to avoid coming dangers and problems. It is Deffinitely so quiet and peaceful and so mysteriously beautiful as you can see in the image!

For all I know after doing my research it is the conjunction of the Corn Moon and the largest planet of our solar system the Jupiter and at 6:04 AM the position of Jupiter is right on top of the Corn Moon. With the temperature down to 37 degrees F it makes the lake look like a mirror and it creates reflection.”



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