Passage of the International Space Station (ISS) and the space shuttle (STS-119 mission) in the evening sky of Figueres, Spain. As noted by the photographer “The passage of the STS-119 appeared as a trail near and parallel to the ISS. This panoramic image is a composite of several pictures to get a wide angle coverage, while not overexpose the background sky. Due to that the ISS trail is not continuous. To make this image I had to climb the highest building in the city: the bell tower of the 14th century Church of Sant Pere (St. Peter). I had to climb over 200 steps by a very narrow spiral staircase with equipment, but the view from above was impressive. In the foreground is the glass dome of the Dalí Museum, the second most visited art museum in Spain after the Prado Museum in Madrid.” To see where the photographer was located for this image click here.



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