A photo composite of 2 images. From the photographer: “One image, was taken at day time using the infrared converted camera. Second, was taken at night time using the same camera. I intend to capture the foliage during day time and waited until night time to capture the Milky Way our home galaxy. My purpose is to show the effect of infrared to the foliage and to the galaxy. 

But what is really infrared light? According to the research I have done, infrared light is type of radiant energy that’s invisible to human eyes but we can feel as heat. Take note, that all object in the Universe emit some level of IR radiation but the two most obvious sources are the sun and fire. 

So infrared photography refers to special type of photography using films or sensor that have infrared light sensitivity. With my experiment I capture the different light emitted by the Milky Way and different light emitted by the foliage on day time. Taken at Medicine Rock State Park in Montana, USA.



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