A dazzling “shooting star” and bright Aurora in the upper Knik Valley just north of Anchorage,
Alaska. As noted by the photographer “The auroras that night were powerful enough to push
southward, so the aurora curtain had passed overhead and was somewhat south of zenith. Facing eastward towards the Knik Glacier, there were a few wisps of clouds in the sky. So I composed my view looking up the valley towards the eastern end of the visible aurora oval. While my shutter was open for about 15 seconds, out of the corner of my eye I saw a meteor streak in. I immediately realized it was on my film! This was before the days of digital, so there was no way to check. I have only managed to capture few bright meteors during all my years of aurora shooting, although I have seen many. Usually they come in out the frame, or arrive between shots, but once in a while things come together in wonderful ways, as it did that night”.



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