From the photographer: “I tried to take a shot of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse from the highest point of Lisbon, as the full moon was rising above the capital of Portugal with Tagus River visible in the background. The very subtle darkening effect of penumbral eclipse – happening when the Moon passes through Earth’s faint outer shadow – during the nautical twilight is difficult to notice. However a related phenomenon is visible boldly in the view as a dark blue band, known as the Earth shadow. It is there after every sunset and before sunrise on the opposite horizon to the sun. Immediately above it, where the evening air is still lit, glows a pink band called the anti-twilight arch, also known as Belt of Venus, and is caused by backscattering of refracted sunlight due to fine dust particles high in the atmosphere. While the first Full Moon of the year was rising above Lisbon, a flying seagull was luckily caught in the scene. The image also reveals a strong atmospheric turbulence happening, causing distortion on the moon disc.”



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