From the photographer: “Earlier this morning was an excellent opportunity to capture the waning crescent Moon, Venus and Pleiades rising above the Saronic Gulf during Dawn (Move the slider for labels). Photographing the thin crescent moon is always a joy for me, and this time was no exception. I woke up at 4 a.m., and I went to the port of my hometown (Ancient Epidaurus). This time of the day is quite pleasing; everything is quiet and relaxed. You’re standing in a place filled with nature’s sounds, such as the rustle of the trees, the tweeting of the birds and the sound of the calm sea. In the technical part, one of my favourite subjects to include in my moonlight images are the boats, so I had already found my foreground. At the time I arrived, there wasn’t enough light in the atmosphere, so I wasn’t sure if it would come out with a single exposure on a stable tripod or if I should use the star tracker. Eventually, after pushing a bit my camera sensor, I managed to capture it in a single exposure without tracking.”



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