A panorama of the dawn sky to the northeast on July 9, 2020 with Comet NEOWISE at centre in Auriga, and Venus and the Pleiades at right, with Venus just above Aldebaran in Taurus. Capella in Auriga is the bright star at top. Some wispy noctiliucent clouds are brightest at left of the lone tree. Luckily, the NLCs stayed away this morning allowing a clear sighting and shot of the comet!

I shot this from “One Tree Hill” near home in southern Alberta. It was a very wet morning with lots of ground fog about including in the foreground. Moonlight from the waning gibbous Moon to the south behind the camera lights the foreground.

This is a 7-segment panorama with the 50mm Sigma lens at f/4 for 10 seconds each at ISO 200 with the Canon 6D MkII and stitched with PTGui.



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