The dazzling planet Venus shines in the fading evening twilight, against the galactic core, setting above the World Heritage Site of Sukhothai. This is one of my most favorite places for night photography. Sukhothai was the capital of the first Kingdom of Thailand in the 13th and 14th centuries. It has a number of fine monuments, illustrating the beginnings of Thai architecture. The civilization which evolved in the Kingdom of Sukhothai absorbed numerous influences and ancient local traditions.

Wat Mahathat is the most important place in Sukhothai , it was founded by Sri Indraditya, between 1292 and 1347 as the main temple of the city as well as the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom. The design based on Mandala, representing the universe with main principal stupa. Some basic explanation for the main stupa. It represents the mythical Mount Meru, center of the universe, which is the heavenly abode build by the God Indra to enshrine relics of the Buddha. The surrounding stupas represent mountain ranges around Mount Meru, and the moat symbolizes the cosmic ocean of infinity. Photo taken in 2016 during a great trip in Thailand.



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