From the photographer: “In late February I was in Churchill, Manitoba for my annual stint teaching aurora tour groups at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, a non-profit Arctic research centre that caters to researchers and tourists. I was there for 13 nights and all but 2 were clear, and all the clear nights had auroras of varying intensity.

At its location under the auroral oval (though it is “just” at 58° N) Churchill gets very good aurora shows even with a Kp 2 or 3 display, even Kp 1 is decent. At Churchill’s longitude the North Geomagnetic Pole is almost due north so the normal oval extends farthest south in the world over Manitoba. The Studies Centre is on the grounds of the old Churchill Rocket Range, last used in the 1980s. The launch towers are still there.”

Technical details: Canon R6 and Venus Optics/Laowa 15mm RF-mount lens at f/2



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