Aurora borealis fills the night sky of southern Greenland with misty patches and rays. Click the second photo to see how the photographer visually experienced this and compared with this enhanced image from the camera’s long exposure.

From the photographer: “At Tasiarsuq farm where I stayed for several day, I was able to observe and photograph storm levels of auroras. In one night, with the computer in place, I was able to precisely adjust the visual aspect of auroral observation as you see in the second image. Note the loss of colors (scotopic vision). Colors are only perceived in bright auroras and especially green ones, like a phosphorescent luminosity (greater chromatic sensitivity of vision towards green-blue). The terrain is almost not perceived, in comparison with the photographic image that allows to see all the details. The number of stars is much less due to the ability to accumulate light from the camera. The technical data: Sony A7S camera modified (full spectrum), lens 15 / 2.8 fisheye, 6s, ISO 6400.”



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