How does it look and feel to experience the magical dancing lights of aurora? Turn up your speakers’ volume, switch off the lights in the room, and see this video in full screen with black background. While many time-lapse videos of aurora activity are largely speeded up compared to reality this artistic video show them in slow motion similar to what human eye would usually see. All the scenes are imaged from Alaska. As noted by the photographer “You are about to view a unique art form in this video. This is not a movie, but an animation made up of multiple still images performed to classical music. Before you watch let the video to fully load so that you can watch it without any stops or buffering breaks. I would like you to have the closest to a ‘theater’ experience (limited by size and compression of online videos. For large HD screens set the video size, next to “+” icon on the lower right, to 720p HD). You might know me through my panoramic photography which I use them for wide-screen theatre shows in an art form I created and call a PhotoSymphony. I’ve been doing these shows and panoramic imaging since 1960s. I used to do these using 6 slide projectors, but now present them in digital. I present the shows here in Alaska for the tourists, to give them an idea of what the northern lights are like, and how it feels to watch them.”



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  • Karen Reply

    This is like watching magic. I have only seen the Northern Lights once and they were only white. I would love to see these colors. I can’t get enough of watching pictures like these. Thank you for your efforts. So few people realize what a beautiful planet we have.

    July 5, 2011 at 2:20 pm
  • Mary Lou D. Reply

    Is the video”Aurora: The Crown of Light” available?

    September 6, 2019 at 9:19 pm

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