This is a 300° panorama of the Northern Lights over Yellowknife, NWT on the night of Sept 6-7, 2019, during a sub-storm outbreak at 12:45 a.m. when the sky went wild with aurora. There were curtains and rays everywhere. The display soon subsided into a general wash over the sky.

This is from Pilot’s Monument lookout in Old Town. South is left of center; East is at far left; West is right of center, and North is at far right, with the Big Dipper visible. Taurus and the Pleiades are rising at far left.

This is a 9-segment panorama with the 15mm Laowa lens at f/2 and Sony a7III at ISO 800, for 10 seconds each. LENR employed in camera. Stitched with ACR.



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