From the photographer: “The great geomagnetic storm provided the necessary inspiration for me to go out and shoot. I woke up unusually – around 6am – and could not get back to sleep after checking the geomagnetic conditions. So I packed 4 cameras (secondary image) and went to Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, with my better half. Naturally, I started to buzz an hour before sunset. The words have ended as soon as it got dark enough and here is the timelapse (4K with sound) from the most memorable Aurora Hunt ever.

When reviewing the footage with the SAR arc I noticed that the sky got bluer NW of the arc as the aurora got brighter (around 1:30-1:50 mark in the video). Rayleigh scattering was the first thought but there is no blue in the monochromatic Oxygen emissions.  What could it be – scattered blue emissions of uplifted Nitrogen or hydrogen proton-arc emissions? Although sunlight was not likely hitting upper levels of atmosphere after midnight and the phenomenon looked more like scattering.”



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