A photo composite of multiple exposures. From the photographer: “Stat Tso is a beautiful lake situated at one of the high altitude pass Pensi La, Ladakh. The lake is surrounded by beautiful snow peaks. At night this place looks so beautiful with clear reflection of the sky in the calm water of the lake. I visited this place in June 2023 and this place was on the way to Drang Drung Glacier. This is stack of multiple identical light and dark frames for better details and less noise.

I visited this place in June 2023. Initially we had plan to camp here, however due to excess of snowfall, we were unable to camp here and stayed in a near by village. At night we drove here to shoot. Around this lake I made 2 frames that night, this is one of them. Next year I have plan to camp here, since there are lot more opportunity of frames around this place.”

Technical details:
Nikon D850, Tamron 15-30/f2.8 SP, Lr, Ps, SLS
Stack of 18 light + 9 dark frames at: 15mm, f/2.8, 20 sec, iso 6400



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