A photo composite of multiple exposures. From the photographer: “The boat in the center of the image is named “Amazing View” as it belongs to Moosa Farooq of the Amazing View Guest House of Thoddoo, Maldives. And yes, there are amazing views around the island, not only in the daytime. Here the boat calmly anchored close to the beach, is surrounded by both marine and sky universes. While on the water’s surface the numerous “sparkles” belong to the bioluminescent plankton, far away, over the Indian Ocean, the majestic Orion constellation sets, followed by the Milky Way, bright star Sirius, and to-eyes-not-visible hydrogen nebulae. What an amazing view! Move the slider on image to show/hide labels.”

Technical details: Canon Ra, Sigma 35mm, f2, ISO3200, 30s exposures (Combined image of 47 exposures, night sky tracked with Vixen Polarie U)



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