June 2022 was a month, when all major planets of The Solar System could be seen simultaneously. Between 15-27 June, the Moon was also visible during the pre-dawn and dawn, when all planets were visible. Move the slider on the image to show/hide labels.

From the photographer: “I am happy as I was finally able to catch them all in the morning of 27th June 2022. My location was Bakacak Peak in Uludağ NP near Bursa, the same area that I had caught all planets (minus Mercury), Neowise and the Moon, back in July 2020. Thanks to the transparent skies and high elevation (1720 meters above sea level) the planets showed up nicely. Mercury was in fact the most difficult catch, as it rose near a anvil shaped storm cloud in the brightening twilight. From this high vantage point, lights of the eastern districts of Bursa can be seen, about 1500 meters lower.”



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