As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day , all the major planets of the Solar System and the Moon were captured in this panorama from late December 2022, when they were simultaneously visible in the evening twilight after sunset. Below naked eye visibility were the planets Neptune and Uranus, making this a nearly all-planet panorama. In the foreground are hills around the small village of Gökçeören, KaşTurkey, near the Mediterranean coast. Bright stars AltairFomalhaut, and Aldebaran are also prominent, as well as the Pleiades star cluster.

Venus is the lowest in the sky, shining at mag. -3.9. Mercury is slightly higher, and still at a relatively bright magnitude of -0.2, even though it’s past greatest elongation. Saturn in Capricornus shines at +0.8, virtually equal to Altair to its right. Jupiter is by far the brightest, blazing at -2.4. And Mars shines a few degrees north of Aldebaran and Hyades, shining bright at -1.4. There are two more planets in the panorama, Uranus in eastern Aries at mag. +5.7, and Neptune in eastern Aquarius at mag. +7.9, which are marked in the annotated version.



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