Using some “sci fi” imagination, this vertical mosaic of single images shows what could be the entrance of a cosmic portal, with straight access to the Summer Triangle. The image shows the stairs of Noudar Castle tower, a medieval fortress located between the Múrtega and the Ardila rivers, in Barrancos, most eastern part from Dark Sky Alqueva territory, Portugal. Its construction was finished in 1307, during the reign of Don Dinis. The place was chosen because of its natural defenses, easy access and the closeness of a water spring of excellent quality. This fortress was very important for border defense against the kingdom of Castile during the early 14th Century. Above the tower walls, lies a well known asterism called Summer Triangle and shinning against the magnificent dusty path of our Milky Way galaxy. At centres top, a pink/red emission from North America Nebula (NGC7000) glows near Deneb star (from Cygnus constellation). Below and near the right edge, shines the bluish star Vega, (from Lyra constellation) which is forming a perfect triangle with star Altair (from Aquila constellation), visible very close to the top tower.


Technical details: Vertical panorama, Tiffen fog filter on a Sigma Art 20mm f1.4 lens, 15 secs exposure, ISO2500



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