From the photographer: “In October 2022, I went to Lake Bozcaarmut with a friend. This is one of my favourite locations around Bursa, a lake in a boreal forest, about 100 km to the east in the neighbouring province of Bilecik, which I have been visiting frequently since 2015.

The day was nice and warm, but we knew it would get pretty cold at night, so we decided to keep our barbecue fire alive as long as necessary. Temperature dropped as low as +4° C, so the fire was most welcome indeed. It also helped lighting up the surroundings, with some of the trees in full autumn foliage.

While walking around the area, I came across a nice spot at the western shore of the lake. From here, the rising winter constellations were nicely visible, together with their reflections from the lake. Our fire was again burning bright and there was another, both adding to the scenery of Auriga, Gemini, Orion rising in the east, with Mars blazing in Taurus. Brighter Jupiter was also visible, shining through the trees in autumn colours.”



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