All sky panoramic view (fulldome) of the 2016 March 9 total solar eclipse in partially cloudy sky of Pulau Plun, a small island off the eastern coast of Halmahera, Indonesia. From the photographer: “The first half of our 3 minutes 17 seconds of totality was seen through thinner clouds when the corona of the Sun was more clearly visible. This view is from the first minute of totality. I started shooting the 6 pictures making this panorama shortly after the second contact. One of the picture set was able to catch Venus as well (above the Sun). Whereas, my 2015 all-sky eclipse image had caught stars down to magnitude +3.5 in a crystal clear sky of the Arctic.

Before the totality began, the Sun mostly remained in view through the clouds in a way eclipse shades were not much needed. About 20 minutes before second contact, I became confident enough that totality would be visible in some way. Only after looking into this all-sky view I realize how challenging the conditions actually were.” Click the second photo to see the “cheerful” photographer at this location after the eclipse.



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