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  • Yuichi Takasaka

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Yuichi Takasaka became interested in photography in his late teens when he moved to Canada from Tokyo, Japan. He worked as a video cameraman in the late 1980's and developed an eye for a good picture. Yuichi didn't seriously develop his photography skills until the early 1990's when he moved to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, Canada. While living there, he gained much of his expertise from conferring with professional photographers who shared their love of the craft with him. Since that time, Yuichi's images have appeared in various brochures and magazines, educational books, textbooks, and on many Internet web pages, including the NASA pages. Yuichi’s love of colours in nature led him to his love affair with the Aurora Borealis. He first saw these strange "Lights" in Jasper, Alberta in the spring of 1990 and photographed them. He soon found that this area is one of the best places in the world to observe the Aurora Borealis. Yuichi did a lot of experimenting trying to photograph the Lights at night, while working at a tour company during the day promoting the Lights to the Japanese market. These Lights soon became a part of his life. Yuichi left Yellowknife after living there for 7 years; however he still goes back to lead many photography tours every year in order to photograph yet another variation of the Lights.