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  • Stephane Vetter

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Born in 1962, Stephane Vetter has been passionate about astronomy and photography since his early days. Fascinated by the beauty of night, he spent most of his adolescent times with night skies. During daytime, he was exploring and shooting every corner of his dearest Alsace forest, France, also seeking for wildlife. He spent countless hours contemplating nature, trying to find the mysterious links and connections between heavens and earth.He was then called by rocks and mountains, and climbed summits around the world until « touching the Sky » from the 8201 meters Cho Oyu peak.Alongside he was graduated as a doctor, reflecting his wish to know human nature better, bioenergy, and continuing his quest about understanding the universal connections between every living being.He discovered his true way in 2009 , while taking a picture of a sacred place. This single photography changed forever his life. All his passions, from mountain climbing to astrophotography, were suddenly gathered into one, which would definitely fulfill his personal quest. He gradually became specialist in night landscapes photography.His photographic works leaded him to win several world awards, among them first prize of TWAN Earth&Sky photo contest in both 2011 and 2013, winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 (Wild Places category). He also contributes timelapse videos of night sky to major broadcasters.Between the amazing night scenery and auroras, Iceland remains his favorite destination, where he visited several times every year.His devise : "being in the right place in the right moment"