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  • Stephane Guisard

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Native of the Lorraine region in France, Stéphane Guisard has been living in Chile since 1994 where he works as Optics engineer at the Very Large Telescope in the Atacama Desert. He is specialized in active optics, optical alignment and telescope optical and image quality improvement.Besides working in a professional observatory, Stéphane is also an amateur astronomer since childhood when he started to build his first telescopes. What he likes the most is to take images and time lapse movies of the night sky in order to share the beauties of the heaven to the public. He takes advantage of the pure and dark sky of the Atacama Desert where he works to make sharp deep sky astrophotographs. His images have been published in many books, magazines and television programs around the World.Stéphane also shares his passions for telescope Optics, astrophotography, photography and astronomy through lectures at amateur astronomers meetings and in educational centers.