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  • Alex Savenok

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My name is Alex Savenok, I'm a landscape, seascape, and astroscape photographer from Israel.I started taking pictures at the age of 11 when my parents bought me my first camera. This was back in the era of film photography. An era where you go to shoot with a camera that allows you to take 36 photos only. Where before the click, there was a lot of thought and imagination about how the image would look in the end, because there was no digital monitor like in modern cameras nowadays.Even after the click, the job is not yet completed. You come home, hang a thick dark blanket over the window, and turn the bedroom into a dark room with a red flashlight. And... the magic begins! It is an unforgettable experience to see how my friends, family, and landscapes that you photographed before suddenly begin to appear on the white paper. It's something unforgettable!Today, the cameras are more sophisticated, and you don't need a dark room anymore, but the magic remains. The camera can record things that the human eye cannot see - water under long exposure, movement of stars, amazing colors of the Milky Way, etc. Photography is an integral part of my life, with the help of which I learn new things, travel, and see many things from a different angle.