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  • Parisa Bajelan

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I am Parisa Bajelan I am a night sky photographer. For many years I've been traveling to regions far from city light pollution to photograph the story of night sky and landscapes.These travels was sometimes inside my country and sometimes to other countries. Recently I've been making documentary films about my travel stories and share them on YouTube.I'm sharing what I saw and heard in the form of photos and stories on my website and on the social media channels with the people around the world.The more I traveled to experience the mysterious night sky and the more I looked at the people stories under the starry night, I realized that wherever has stars in the sky, rich art and culture can be found there.These days I have been traveling more professionally and with a previous plan on schedule to capture images, and in my travels I have been studying indigenous arts and stories.I'm in search of relationship between earth and night sky. I believe that by understanding these relationships more deep, we can restore people's lost connection with nature; a relationship that brings peace, creativity and happiness.