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  • P-M Heden

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Per-Magnus Hedén is borned 1971 in Vallentuna, 30km north of Stockholm, Sweden, where he still lives today with his wife and two children. P-M has been interested in astronomy since childhood and started to photograph the wonders of the sky in 1999. He gained experience in various night sky photography, from northern lights, Noctilucent Clouds, to telescopics images of sun and deepsky. He is specially interested in capturing celestial scenes with landscape under the Moonlight.Today he has his own firm selling high resolution photos through Swedens biggest image agency and he also present his work as art. Hedéns photos appeared in Swedish newspapers, international astronomy magazines, books, advertising products, NASA websites and many more resources.P-M has spent a lot of time with telescopes in his obervatory but his favourit photography is being mobile and drive to dark sites and enjoy the wilderness of nature with a shining Milky Way in the sky.