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  • P.K. Chen

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P.K. is the given-name initials of Chen Pei-Kung. He lives in Taiwan and has traveled to many of the world's astronomical observatories and dark-sky sites where he meets professional and amateur astronomers. Since 1983 P.K. has regularly escaped to Lan-Yu, a small island near Taiwan that has a sky free from light and air pollution. And he frequently carries his camera and other instruments to Mount Jade, the highest point in Taiwan. But during the past two decades he has become a well-known world traveler, trekking from Mongolia to the Australian Outback and Mauna Kea in Hawaii in search of unique astrophotography opportunities-and dark skies. P.K. believes that "there is always something new that I can do." In Taiwan he has published more than a dozen books including an autobiography ("Peter Pan Under the Starlight") and two constellation albums. As a photojournalist, his articles and images have appeared in such publications as the New York Times and Sky&Telescope in the United States and the Temmon Guide in Japan. He is currently a contributing photographer of Sky&Telescope and his 2007 book titled "A Constellation Album: Stars and Mythology of the Night Sky" has published by Sky&Telescope.He often serves as an astronomy instructor at summer camps in Taiwan, and among the children he is known as the "Peter Pan of the Stars".