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  • Oshin Zakarian

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Landscape and portrait photographer Oshin Zakarian began his career in the 90s. Currently based in Los Angeles, he explores the night beauty of National Parks in California and beyond. He believes that a strong emotional connection with nature helps a photographer produce greater impact in art and conservation. Oshin practices original ideas in various fields of photography from micro world to architecture, products, and people, but his main interest is in capturing nature and historical landmarks at night during astronomical events. His passion for photographing monuments of different cultures and religions under the same starry sky has led him on many adventures. He also particularly enjoys capturing images of lone trees at night where the tree branches resembles hands of a person stretching upward to touch the stars, while the trunk connects the heaven and Earth. Oshin uses both today's common digital equipment and traditional medium format film cameras. His photographs have appeared in many publications world-wide and his work has been exhibited in several countries. Visit for more of his photography.