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  • Marcella Giulia Pace

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Marcella Giulia Pace was born in Ragusa on the island of Sicily.She teaches at primary school in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Veneto).In 2011, the italian Ministry of Public Administration presented her with an award for innovation in teaching. She pursues various passion which are remote from each other only at cursory glance: astronomy, mountains, music,optical illusions as well as skill and logic games.Her pictures are regularly published by Italian and international astronomy magazine ad website, including “Sky and Telescope”, “Nuovo Orione”, “Coelum Astronomia” and “Astronomy Now”.In 2015, her pictures “Moon and Antelao” was selected by the Royal Museums of Greenwich for the “Astronomy photographer of the Year 2015” competition.In 2016 he produced a personal exhibition ( in San Vito di Cadore – Belluno) about the atmospheric phenomena. The first show in Italy also includes videos that document these phenomena. On the one hand, her pictures are primarily a testimony to the beauty with nature presents us every day.In 2020 he produced a personal exhibition (San Vito di Cadore (BL) and Isnello (PA) On the other, they remind us of the fallacies of our own sight, which too often falls victim to increasingly aggressive attacks on our attention in the moment we living in, too distracted to catch the beauty of the things (and probably persons) surrounding us. She is member of the Pictores Caeli Group