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  • Kwon O Chul

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Kwon O Chul is a Korean based astrophotographer and planetarium filmmaker, born in Seoul in 1974. He started night sky photography in 1992 and held his first solo photo exhibition in 1996. His career began in submarine design for the Korean Navy, progressing to software engineering and network engineering. In 2010, Kwon devoted himself full-time to astrophotography and planetarium film-making. For his photography, he uses several medium format and panorama format film cameras for large exhibition quality printing. Kwon's photographic style looks for the harmony between celestial motion and star trails, ancient sites and beautiful landscapes. He currently uses digital cameras for time-lapse movie, VR movie and fulldome content for planetarium. His film "Aurora: Lights of Wonder" won the Astro Award at 11th Fulldome Festival (Jena, Germany, 2017).