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  • Kaitlin Moore

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Kaitlin Moore is a Ph.D. candidate in Literary Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Their research considers how plural cosmologies might at multiple scales move towards realizing complex and relational perspectives within and across science, literature, ethics, and sustainability. Their dissertation considers how poetry by Indigenous writers across Pacific Oceania can sketch relations between human and nonhuman matter, land and ocean, time and space, and planet and cosmos that are attentive to dynamic material configurations, processes of change and emergence, and diverse communal entanglements. Their work has appeared in “Transpositiones,” “Edge Effects,” “NiCHE,” and more and is forthcoming in several academic journals and edited collections. Their scholarship has been recognized by the Northeast Modern Language Association and the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association and, beyond the classroom, they are an award-winning astrophotographer and short story writer.